Our company is Asphalt Stars Productions and we are the Producers/Directors of  Monk With A Camera.  Our previous work includes Chris & Don: A Love Story, a critically acclaimed feature documentary, which was released in theaters by Zeitgeist Films. The film is currently playing on the Sundance Channel and IFC International. It is also available live streaming on Netflix and iTunes. You can read and learn more about us by clicking here. 


Guido  Santi (Producer/Director/Editor)

Guido started his career writing and directing short films. He worked as an apprentice for four years with Ipotesi Cinema, a film laboratory coordinated by Cannes and Venice award-winning director Ermanno Olmi (THE TREE OF THE WOODEN CLOGS). He wrote and directed CONCERTINO, a film about four teenagers living in the suburbs of Rome, for RAI, Italy's national television. After receiving his Master’s degree in Film Production at USC, Guido has worked producing and directing documentaries and TV specials. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-founded with Tina Mascara, Asphalt Stars Productions.



Vishwanath (Vish) Alluri (Producer/Exec. Producer)

Vish is the Founder and Executive Chairman of  IMImobile Pvt Ltd. Founded in 1999 IMImobile is a leading mobile data platform and services company serving over 90 mobile operators in 72 countries. Vish is a newcomer into the world of filmmaking thanks to his friendship with Nicholas Vreeland. In one of his visits to Rato Monastery, he met Guido and Tina as they were filming and got interested in their project. Vish is deeply touched by Jiddu Krishnamurti teachings and is closely involved with Krishnamurti Foundations worldwide in their archival work, publications and schools.  MONK WITH A CAMERA marks Vish's first credit as a Producer and Executive Producer.


Tina Mascara (Producer/Director/Editor) 

Tina studied journalism and photography at the Art Institute in Pittsburg and moved to Los Angeles to study cinema. After graduating from the Film program at the Los Angeles City College, Tina wrote, produced and directed two independent feature films: JACKLIGHT (2000) and ASPHALT STARS (2002). Both films have been shown and awarded at several domestic and international film festivals. In 2007, Tina co-founded Asphalt Stars Productions with Guido Santi and together they produced and directed the feature documentary, CHRIS & DON: A LOVE STORY, on the life-long relationship between British writer Christopher Isherwood and American painter, Don Bachardy. Tina works as a free-lance editor.

Close Collaborators Include

Leonardo Colla (Co-Producer and Executive Producer), Andrew Herwitz (Executive Producer and Film Sales Agent), Kenneth Grimes (Executive Producer), Ugo Lo Pinto and Ralph Q. Smith (Cinematographers), Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi (Composers), Sloane Korach (Motion Graphic Artist), Andy Hay (Sound Design and Mix) and Peter Salapatas (Cameraman).